How to Please Lord Shani Dev

Shani Dev is considered to be the most dangerous God in Hindu religion. Based on the Karma of the native Lord Shani gives good and bad fruits. He is the one responsible for the balance between good deeds and bad deeds of the humans. Lord Shani is dressed in black and is like a judge for human deeds.

 How to Please Lord Shani Dev

Since the beginning Humans have been trying to answer the question how to please Lord Shani Dev? In this article we will check out ways to please the dangerous Lord and will find out different methods by which he can be worshipped and privileged.

Know How to please Lord Shani?

  • Chant Shani Mantras

Mantras are the most powerful ways to please any god. Chanting Shani mantras pleases him and removes all sins from native’s life.

  •  Yagya or Home

Yet another very majestic way to please Lord Shani. If done systematically they bring out very good results.

  • Crows feeding on Saturdays

In Hindu mythology crows represent ancestors and feeding them would take away your negative deeds. Crow is also considered to be Lord Shani's vehicle.

  • Keep 51 Saturday Vrat

Keeping fasts on continuous 51 Saturdays pleases Lord Shani. Fast not only cleanse your body but it also removes clutter from your mind and soul.

  • Feeding ants with Jaggery and wheat flour

Ants are considered to be the most laborious creature on earth. Shani dev. respects Labor. Feeding ants with flour and jaggery not only pleases Shani dev. but also removes hardships from the native’s life.

  • Footwear Donation.

Donating a pair of used footwear is considered to be like giving the bad fruits of your deeds. Lord Shani is pleased by this.

  • Feeding black dogs

To avoid ill effects of Shani dev. and to be away from his anger one should feed Black Dogs. If possible keep a black dog in your house.

  • Donation of Black Blanket, Urad dal, Sesame Seeds on Saturdays.

By doing this natives can avoid bad luck and ill fortune from their lives.

  • Freeing Birds from the Cage.

Releasing a bird will reduce the bad effects of your Karmas because it’s like freeing up your own spirit from imprisonment.

  • Mustard Oil bath 

Shani Dev loves Mustard oil. Bathing them with mustard oil will attract his blessings.

  • Saturdays worship

Worship Shani Dev on every Saturday. It’s the day of Shani Dev. When worshipped systematically this will improve one’s life both spiritually and materialistically as well.

  • Worship of Lord Shiva

Shani dev. is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. So worshipping Lord Shiva means worshipping Shani dev.

  • Living self-controlled Life

By living a self- controlled life human beings not only get away from the charms of sins but also move closer towards God. Self-control in every aspect of life is very important to please Lord Shani.

  • Wearing Ornaments

Wearing ornaments like Ruby, Sapphire, and Rudraksh etc. can help remove the ill effects brought down by ill Saturn phase. One can avoid this by wearing powerful stone pieces of these ornamentsYou should consult an astrologer before wearing any of these stones.

  • Removing Untidiness!

Garbage, Litter or clutter in our life and home represents negativity. By removal of Clutter from your home will not only invite good fortune but also abstain bad luck.

  • Donation to Poor & Needy.

Donation to the poor and needy is like repayment of your deeds. Do the repayment without expecting anything in return.

  • Peepal Tree Worship

Worshiping the Peepal tree will remove the ill effects of Lord Shani since Peepal is considered to be the avatar of Lord Shiva.

  • Offering Jaggery

Shanidev loves Jaggery and offering this on Saturday will prevent his anger and ill effects in your horoscope.

  • Worship Hanumanji on Saturdays.

Lord Hanuman has saved Shanidev from Ravana and is considered to be his Guru. Worshipping Hanumanji on Saturdays will yield best results.

  • Doing Good Deeds.

Ultimately it’s your Good deeds or Punya Karma that can only save you from the clutches of Lord Shani. Shani is “The Judge”. He gives fruits of your deeds in your present life time. He is the God of justice and does not spare misdeeds of anyone.

Shani Jayanti

It’s the Shani Amavasya or the birth date of Lord Shani on which Shani Jayanti is celebrated. He is the son of Surya Dev and Chhaya Devi, Goddess of Shade.

Shani Mantra

Shani Dev gets pleased by chanting of the following mantras:

  • Shani Moola mantra

Om nilanjana sama bhasam raviputram yama graham ,

Chaya Martanda Sambhutham Tam namami Shanaishchara 

  • Shani Vedic mantra

Om Shanno devirabhistdaapo bhavantupitaye

  • Shani Beej mantra

Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah 

  • Shani Ekashari mantra

Om sham shanaishcharaya namah

  • Shani Gayatri mantra

Om Shanaishcharaye Vidmahe Chhayaputraay Dheemahi ,Tanno Mand Prachodyaat

Whenever a person does any bad deed it's put into his account and he definitely receives its results in malefic form by lord Shani. Lord Shani gives fruits of the deeds of humans in the present life while his brother Yama gives them after death.